Title: "Tracks Of Glory" (1991)

(Barron Films)

Director: Marcus Cole
Producers: Damien Parer & Paul D. Barron
Screenplay: Tony Morphett
Based on the book by Jim Fitzpatrick

Phil Morris (Major Taylor)
Cameron Daddo (Don Walker)
Richard Roxburgh (Hugh D. McIntosh)
Nicholas Eadie (Floyd Mac Farland)
Justine Clarke (Kate O'Brien)
Joan Sydney (Mrs. Walker)
Brett Climo (Jonathon Dodds)
Scott Burgess (Pat Callawy)
John Ewart (Sid Melville)
Janet MacLachlan (Mrs. Morris)
Robert Vaughn (Mr. Morris)
Renee Jones (Daisy Morris)

   This film has been shown on television only a couple of times, many years ago. I have been in contact with the Writer and Producer.
    I have been in contact with the latest company that owns the rights to the film. At this time they have not determined when they will reproduce them for sale.
   If you are interested in purchasing a copy please e-mail me and let me know. I keep a list of those interested in purchasing a copy and will notify everyone when the become available.