Cycler Asks L.A.W. To Forgive Him, Major Taylor First of Rebel
Riders to Seek Reinstatement
The Philadelphia Press
October 19, 1898

Major Taylor is Directed to Return Here By The N.C.A.
The Sun
June 22, 1901

Michael Downs Taylor, Midget Champion Too Much For The
Colored Cyclist In Their Paced Race
The Philadelphia Press
September 11, 1898

Major Taylor May Race In This City, Philadelphia Racers To Be
Given A Chance To Beat Michael's Conqueror
The Philadelphia Press
August 30, 1898

Bicycle Racing Takes A Boom
The Philadelphia Press
August 28, 1898

Bicycle Racers Kept Very Busy
The Philadelphia Press
September 12, 1898

Taylor Best Behind Motor, Toys With Jay Eaton In A Match Race
The Chicago Record
July 5, 1900

Major Taylor, The Famous American Cycler Is Back
In The Game Again
The Evening Star
April 11, 1907

Major Taylor, American Cycle Champion
New York Herald
May 29, 1901

Major Taylor, Who Will Ride Tonight At The Seventeenth
And Porter Coliseum
Philadelphia Inquirer
August 20, 1902

Taylor Here To Smash Records, Colored Flyer Will Go For All
Marks From Quarter To Two Miles
The Philadelphia Press
October 26, 1898

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