Related Organizations

ORGANIZATIONS: These are organizations related to Major Taylor.

Major Taylor Association
"Dedicated to recognizing sportsmanship, promoting nonviolence and caring for those in need" The MTA is also raising funds to put up a statue of Major Taylor in Worcester, MA.
Major Taylor Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 131
Worcester, MA 01602

Major Taylor Velodrome
3649 Cold Spring Road
Indianapolis, IN 46222
(A bicycle racing track named after Major Taylor)

Indiana State Museum
202 North Alabama Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(They have a display of some of the Major's awards and possessions, call ahead to make sure that they are still on display)

Major Taylor Cycling Club
P.O. Box 9357
Palo Alto, CA 94309-9357
(A bicycle club named after Major Taylor)

Major Taylor Cycling Club of Minnesota
Louis J. Moore
4433 Columbus Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Major Motion Cycling Club
Major Motion Cycling Club of Los Angeles
P.O. Box 56343
Los Angeles, CA 90008

The Franklin Museum
This educational web site has an excellent article on Major Taylor by Susan Silverman